Sandi Jahannia

Independent hair stylist in New York City

Hi! I’m Sandi. I specialize in chic, effortless razor and scissor cuts for all hair types and lifestyles, and my cuts are known for their long lasting style and shape.


Come and visit my lovely, private studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The studio is a clean-air space, free of chemicals and toxic fragrances. I do not do any color or chemical services in the studio and love using eco-friendly, non-toxic styling products like Hairstory and Cult and King. 


I am a native New Yorker and have worked across the hair industry for over twenty five years, with loads of experience in razor cutting for all hair types and textures. I love to help give volume and texture to fine straight hair, movement and lightness for heavy and thick hair, shape and bounce for curly hair. 


People from all backgrounds and hair types are welcome. I am a versatile and dedicated professional crafting haircuts that suit the vision and everyday style of my clients. My goal is effortless hair for everyone and my haircuts are intimately designed and crafted to each client’s features and lifestyle. My sharp sense of style, honed growing up on the streets of NYC, celebrates timeless, boundless beauty in every cut.


Bumble & Bumble in New York is where I got my start during the late ‘90s, which led me to become a Bumble & Bumble Network Educator. Eventually I diversified, bringing my style vision to work on films, commercials, music videos and fashion campaigns in New York and Los Angeles. I often do pop up visits to Durham, North Carolina to be close to my family.



Haircuts in Durham North Carolina

I use an hourly rate to determine my fee. My rate is $100 per hour. Tips are not expected.

All new clients must book a minimum 90 minute session; if you have long or thick hair, you must book a two hour session. 

All new clients must do a video or phone consultation before their first appointment. 

Returning clients (who have not gotten a cut elsewhere in the meantime) can book a maintenance appointment within three months of their original appointment for $100.

Please come to your appointment with cleanish hair – no more than 48 hrs since your last wash, with minimal product. 

Please try to have your hair in its ’natural state’ – meaning no ponytails, clips, etc. Especially if it’s been several months since I’ve seen you. This helps me see what I’m working with and what our game plan will be for your cut. 

If you have had a Keratin treatment in the past 5 years, I will only be able to give you a dry cut. 

All new clients must fill out the new client form before appointments will be confirmed.

Feel free to reach out through text or email with any questions.


Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

T: 646-397-8377

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Sandi Jahania… is great with curly long hair. She is the only person my wife will let touch hers. I’ve started going recently and I love her work as well.

readwritethrow1233, Durham, North Carolina

Be sure to get an appointment with Sandi Jahannia, she is an expert in sculpting thick, curly, or wavy hair, though she also superbly creates movement and flow in thinner hair. Want a shag, french bob, soft curls, sexy layers? Sandi has been cutting my hair for over 15 years and I’ve done it all. She has devoted following so get in touch with her asap!

Sherryl, Durham, North Carolina

“Highly recommend Sandi! She’s the best! I have been going to Sandi for haircuts for ten years now and she is phenomenal. Sandi sits me down everytime I see her and really gets to know my hair personally, literally on a molecular level of what direction to cut which hairs. She is a master razor artist, always getting the back of my head just right. The cuts always last a while too, because Sandi knows how to cut so that when it grows out it continues to look good through various phases. She is worth every penny for long lasting style and for her personal attentiveness to crafting a look that really suits me.”

Nicole, New York City

Best hairdresser in NYC.  People constantly ask me where I get my cuts.  I’ve got delicate, hard-to-manage locks, and I get incredible texture, volume, depth and style with Sandi every time.  She’s also turned me onto nontoxic hair products that have transformed my hair texture – so grateful!  Sandi is an artist in the truest sense of the word, a genius with the razor, honoring individual hair texture, beautiful face framing, and fantastic style. Highly recommend.  

Michelle, New York City