Sandi Jahannia

Sandi is a native New Yorker and haircutting specialist who has worked across the hair industry for over twenty years.

She is an expert in razor cutting, curly hair and natural textures for people of all backgrounds. 

Sandi is passionate about nontoxic haircare and is sure to use only products free of any adverse ingredients.

Sandi is versatile when it comes to crafting a look that suits the vision and everyday style of her clients. Her cuts are intimately designed and crafted to each client’s features and lifestyle; her sharp sense of style celebrates timeless, boundless beauty and badassery in every cut.

Sandi got her start at Bumble and Bumble in New York during the late ‘90s, which led her to become a Bumble & Bumble Network Educator. Eventually she diversified, bringing her expert style to working on films, commercials, music videos and fashion campaigns in New York and Los Angeles.


Sandi fell in love with North Carolina and has considered it to be her second home, while based in New York City. You can make appointments with Sandi at The Funky Monkey in Durham, at Ceremony in Carrboro, North Carolina and in her private studio on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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Please contact me directly for appointments in my private studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City.

T: 646-397-8377

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“Highly recommend Funky Monkey and specifically Sandi! She’s the best! I have been going to Sandi for haircuts for ten years now and she is phenomenal. She works between NY and NC, and I always saw her in NY, but now that she is in NC so much more I had to road trip to see her at the Funky Monkey. She has been telling me about this spot for years and it’s so adorable with its own unique style. Sandi sat me down and every time I see her she really gets to know my hair personally, literally on a molecular level of what direction to cut which hairs. She is a master razor artist, always getting the back of my head just right. The cuts always last a while too, because Sandi knows how to cut so that when it grows out it continues to look good through various phases. She is worth every penny for long lasting style and for her personal attentiveness to crafting a look that really suits me.”

Nicole, New York City